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History of Harris Leasing in Houston

In May 1969 Jerry Harris formed Harris Leasing Company to be a third party lessor of office equipment and office furniture. At that time the leasing industry was in its infancy so the concept was new. Both the end users and the merchants who sold products that were able to be placed on lease had to be educated. The merchants liked leasing because it offered them an alternative to funding the payout over time from their own pocket. The customers liked leasing because it offered them the opportunity to acquire what they needed in the quantity they needed it without using up their cash reserves or lines of credit and the possibility of a faster tax write off.

Startup Funding and Financing for new Companies

In the early years as well as now the funding industry did not and does not easily extend credit to start up or young companies (less than 2 years old) . It usually does not matter what the situation is or what the personal credit or finances of the owners are. The available credit for these companies was just is not there. In 1969 when Harris Leasing went to purchase their own furnishings and requested a 30 day credit extension to help them establish a credit record, Mr. Harris was told that no matter that his own personal credit was perfect and the start up balance sheet was substantial, he would have to pay cash. This event caused Mr. Harris to realize that there was a large need for this type of funding.. He set about establishing the ground rules that would permit Harris Leasing Company to extend credit through leasing to young companies as well as the established ones. He understood the concept that if a leasing company gives a start to a young company and that companies owners put in their credit as well as their start up capital, have a decent idea or product and some tenacity, that they will probably be successful. Also as they grow and become established, most people remember who gave them a start and will continue to use that company when everyone else starts lining up at their door. After years in the leasing industry, Harris Leasing Company can certainly attest to that fact.

Leasing Business Equipment, Furniture, Construction Equipment and More

Since 1969 Harris Leasing Company has leased to thousands of businesses and funded millions of dollars. Lease customers came forward with request for other types of equipment that was useful in their individual types of business. After a time a slogan was developed and trade marked-“If You Can Use It, We Can Lease It.” TM Not only does Harris lease office furniture and office equipment, they lease industrial equipment, construction equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment   and much more.Lease amounts range from $2,500 and up.

Leased equipment can be new or used, from a single vendor or many different vendors of your choice. Even private party and recent purchases can be done. It’s all about what works best for you. We don’t dictate what or from whom you buy your equipment or furniture.

Harris Leasing Company employees are leasing professionals who will take the time to understand your business and advise you of various solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs and budgets.


We are based in Tomball Texas just outside of Houston, but no matter where your location is in the United States, as your friendly neighbors we take great pride in providing your business with quality leasing and financing services. Not only does Harris Leasing Company lease office furniture and office equipment, we also lease industrial equipment, construction equipment, communication equipment and medical equipment or whatever you may need to run your business.  If you can use it – we can lease it!


We are not a mega broker and don’t pretend to be one. You would think that being a large funding broker would get you the best rates, terms and personal service that meet your needs, but take into consideration that the bigger they are the more overhead they need to cover before making a profit.

At Harris Leasing we consider ourselves to be networking professionals and have established working relationships with a handful of underwriters that we feel hold the same values in their lending practices as we do to better serve you and your needs.  We can arrange lease funding for office furnishings and all types of industrial equipment, construction equipment, communication equipment and medical equipment regardless of cost.


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