Will you approve start-up businesses less than 2 years old?

Absolutely! WE DO APPROVE start-up businesses. Although we have been in business since 1969, we still remember how frustrating it is for start-up and young companies to get credit terms. A large part of our approval is based on the personal credit and background of the owners, not on trade or banking information that you don't have yet. (Kind of a common sense thing, don't you think?) However, do be aware that there is a premium for new companies less than 2 years in business. In fact the magic number is 3 years for most new business! So don’t be upset about double digit rates Even if you have a high FICO and high net worth, but you will and you will get over it!  If you are focused on ROI for the equipment that you’re considering and the income from its use will be grater then the cost of the lease or financing. Then it would be justifiable.

What if my personal credit is not so perfect?

Let's talk about a phrase that was coined here in the Lone Star State in the mid 80's. "$#&@ Happens". If you are one of the unfortunate folks that had tax liens or bankruptcies in your past and they are now released, we are happy to look at what you have done since then. However, if local, state or federal authorities currently want you, we will be happy to recommend one of our competitors.

What are my options at the end of the lease?

  • To purchase the equipment outright.
  • To renew the lease.
  • To return the equipment.

Can I pay the lease off early?

 Most leases and financing agreements are full payout today, meeting that the lenders bases there rates on the anticipation of the full term. Some will offer a small discount but there should never be a penalty for paying off early!

What are the tax benefits to leasing?

 In many cases, leasing not only provides businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings, but also preserves working capital that you wouldn’t have access to if you had to purchase your equipment up front.

Now for the big disclosure statement --- we are not accountants and therefore cannot advise you on tax laws. We do recommend that you talk with a CPA prior to entering into any financial agreement with anyone concerning tax advice.


Can I return the equipment and stop payments?

No, the lease is non-cancelable. You may return the equipment after all the lease payments have been made or pay your lease out early as we talked about above.

How long can I lease for?

Typically, terms are 12, 18, 24, or 36, 48 and 60 months.

What if my equipment becomes outdated?

Be very careful about upgrade programs that protect you from obsolescence! In most cases the remaining outstanding balance of your original equipment is rolled into the new equipment cost. (Boy, I'm going to get some phone calls about this.) Our advice: Buy top quality and state of the art in the first place and match the term with the life expected of the equipment or furniture!

What is the interest rate?

We get asked this question every day. We have 50 years in this business and can only give you our best guesstimate up front. Company’s come in all shapes and sizes so to speak. The truth is that no one can tell you exactly what the rate is without having an application and vendor quote at the very least.

Can I lease soft costs or software?

Yes, the general rule of thumb is: Soft costs for software, training and installation is limited to approximately 25% of the hardware cost and is taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

How soon do my payments start once the equipment is delivered?

Normally your monthly lease payments will not start until approximately 30 days after we have made a verbal verification of acceptance of the equipment.

Is the lease transferable?

Yes, assuming that the new lessee will credit qualify.

Do I have to purchase all my furniture or equipment from the same dealer?

No, knock yourself out, shop till you drop! Any combination of equipment type or number of vendors can be put on any one lease.


What about licensing and warranties for this equipment?

The licensing and warranties offered by the dealer and the manufacturer are passed directly to you.

How long does it take for a lease to be approved?

Under normal circumstances, the lease approval process will take 24 hours or less, assuming we are talking about established companies. However, new businesses and marginal credit accounts may take an additional amount of time due to the intensity of credit investigation that needs to be done. We live in a world of fax and email where one on one communication with bank officers and trade references is almost non-existent. This is our biggest delay in approvals. I miss the good old days!

Can I put money down on the lease?

Yes, if you wish to put money down as a cost reduction over and above your advanced rentals.

This can reduce your monthly payment and or term. It can also be helpful in a case where the credit is not so strong; We call it having skin in the game.

Can I lease used equipment?


How do I get started?

We take the time to get to know you and your business needs regardless of your credit history or if you are just starting out. Our specialists will work with you to develop a custom finance program. Let's get started today! Simply call 713-783-7820 to speak with a representative OR start the application process here! APPLY NOW › 

 Do you have additional questions not answered above?

If so, feel free to give our leasing representatives a call at 713-783-7820You can also contact us through our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.