Harris Leasing Company provides equipment leasing to start up businesses, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.

As our slogan says, "If you Can Use It, We Can Lease It," of course this excludes people and plants.


Why use leasing to finance your equipment / furniture?

BECAUSE IT WORKS - Save your cash - Get the Equipment You Need!

Many companies and organizations buy their office equipment such as computers, business phone equipment, office furniture, and other essential equipment like industrial, medical, dental and veterinary equipment and then lease their buildings. It should be the other way around!! Buildings generally appreciate, and equipment and furniture do not.

Equipment leasing is the smart, no hassle way for a company to add capital equipment that is needed to produce income by spreading monthly payments over time out of cash flow and leaving capital for more important things like buying the building, hiring new employees, R & D, and the unexpected like, "OH, I forgot to pay the property taxes!"

Harris Leasing Company provides financing for all types of equipment and tools!

Here are examples of equipment catagories we've leased:

Audio / Video Medical Packaging
Agricultural Office Furniture Painting
Bailers Electronic Testing Plotters
Bakery Embroidery Machines Pressure Washers
Bar-coding Engraving Printing
Car Wash Farm Equipment Radios Comms
Cash Registers Fitness Restaurant
Communications Forklifts Scales
Compactors Industrial Security Systems
Compressors Laboratory Software
Computers Laundry Telephone
Construction Mailing Trade Show Exhibits
Church Organs Manufacturing Woodworking
Dry Cleaning Material Handling  


Start your Equipment Lease Today!

At the Harris Leasing Company, we take the time to get to know you and your business needs regardless of your credit history or if you are just starting out. Our specialists will work with you to develop a custom finance program. Let's get started today! Simply call 713-783-7820 to speak with a representative OR start the application process here!