Equipment and Real Property Finance Program:

Times are getting tough every day, as you struggle with your budgets.

But we are here to help, with immediate relief with a multi-year lease purchase obligation which will enable you to acquire the vital equipment you need now and make installments over a period of years.

We can customize lease purchase plans for many cities, counties, schools, fire districts and other municipal entities throughout our country.

You see, we understand that every organization is unique and needs municipal leasing for different reasons.

We Offer:

Financing available for as low as $5,000 for NEW or USED equipment

Qualifying lease agreements up to $500,000 require no legal opinion and limited financial information (also known as our Simple Funding Program)

Flexible payment terms and structures to meet your unique needs.

Straight-forward, easy to understand documentation

Immediate processing of documentation and funding by our knowledgeable, professional staff

Step-by-step assistance throughout the entire credit and funding process

Direct funding - which gives you low rates and quick responses on all requests

In-house legal assistance on Municipal and Not-for-Profit transactions

Wire transfers for your vendors payments

Finance requests available through phone, fax, E-mail or website

Prompt credit decisions – Guaranteed on Municipal & Not-for-Profit applications

Funding for individual leases, master leases, and national programs

Funding for All Types of Equipment and Real Property

We will fund a wide variety of equipment types on a municipal lease, so long as the equipment provides an “essential use” for the public or non-profit entity. Some examples of equipment financed with municipal leases include:


Fire trucks

Police vehicles

School buses


Public works equipment

Emergency response vehicles and equipment

Computers and tablets




IT Infrastructure

Energy savings projects HVAC, LED Lighting, Roofs, Boilers, etc

911 systems

Modular classrooms


Metering equipment

Office Furniture

Water treatment equipment


Real Property:

Administration Buildings

Shop Buildings


Fire Stations



At Harris Leasing Company, we take the time to get to know you and your business needs regardless of your credit history or if you are just starting out. Our leasing specialists will work with you to develop a custom finance program. Get started today! Simply call 713-783-7820 speak with a representative or start the application process here  APPLY NOW