Welcome Business Partners! We Look Forward To Working with You.


Our leases are available for office equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, light industrial equipment and office furniture which has an acquisition value of $5000.00 and up.

Harris Leasing Company is fast, friendly and accurate. We are proud of our philosophy that if it is a "doable" deal it will get done.

Here is a perfect scenario of a lot of hard work

Occasionally you may spend a lot of time on a presentation to a client only to hear something to the effect of "I sure do like everything you have shown me but I had no idea it was going to cost that much. Can you show me something in a little lower price range?" Then you go back and start all over only to come up with something the customer dislikes because it does not meet their needs, or expectations. What if, you could tell your clients this:

"If this really is what you want I could arrange a lease with an option to buy. This way you could spread your payments over one, two, or even three years. Wouldn't you rather do that than buy less than you need just because you don't have the money currently in your budget? Keep your money for important things such as salaries, rent or even dividends. A Harris Leasing plan will make this transaction work for you."


If you are not a Harris Leasing Company authorized partner, please complete a Business Partner Profile so that Harris Leasing Company can better service your account as an approved partner source.