Molly RyanReporter-Houston Business Journal

The Texas House of Representatives is expected Wednesday to discuss a bill proposing a ban on texting while driving.

The Texas Tribune reports that lawmakers stand on both sides of the issue — some say a ban could save lives and others say studies have shown that texting bans do not reduce vehicle crashes.

During the last legislative session, Gov. Perry vetoed a ban on texting while driving, and he has said the ban is a form of micromanagement, the Tribune reports.

Separately, the Texas Department of Transportation launched a public service campaign that recommends drivers avoid “distracted driving.”

The Associated Press reports that per the bill, if drivers are caught texting while driving, they could be potentially charged with a $100 fine.

Some Texas cities, including San Antonio and Austin, have local texting and driving bans.

The Tribune reports bill allows for some exceptions, including when drivers say they are looking up a number or using cell phone GPS technology.