Why do business with us?

To get the manufacturers’ warranties you must buy locally. Austin Technology Group can provide the Kyocera and Panasonic warranties since they are authorized resellers.

Delivery and setup.
If you’ve ever tried to get a copier set up and get trained on it yourself by just working your way through the manual, you know how important this is. Minimize your downtime; leave it to us.

Maintenance and service.
We have trained, experienced techs to take up maintenance, and can work out agreements with you that are billable quarterly or annually. If a service job is going to cost you any downtime, we’ll deliver a loaner machine to get you through until the job’s finished.

Service after the sale.
We pride ourselves on being able to deliver and follow through on service. We’ll respond to any phone call within 8 business hours and offer same-day service. Our techs are well-versed in most copier brands, including Toshiba, Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica and Sharp.

Locally owned and operated.
A dollar spent with us is a dollar that stays in Austin. That benefits you, us and our whole community.