Lift And Tow


Lift and Tow is the leading manufacture of the hidden wheel lift system. The Lift and Tow system is fast, quiet and stable while towing. With the swivel T-Bar, adjustable shoes, and L-arms give you the agility and control needed to maneuver accurately. Customizable ability allows the proper fit to an extensive list of makes and models. Any one of these models has the strength to lift over a ton of weight with powerful hydraulic cylinders that have a lifting force of 38,000 pounds. The unique under-body construction is completely retractable, leaving the tail gate and bed intact to maintain the truck’s functionality. The lifting point is at the rear axle instead of the rear bumper for engineered strength and stability. Lift and Tow is proud to say we use quality and reliable USA manufactured parts you can count on. The power-up, power-down hydraulic cylinder permits you to quickly and safely lower the vehicle for an easy one person operation. We have four lift models to fit your budget and needs.